Saturday, 31 March 2012

still recovering, very poorly niece and making the most of the good weather

Thursday morning i woke up to the phone ringing.

It was my mum calling to tell me that my sister had been at the hospital since 3am with my Niece, Tegan.
Tegan was born with just one kidney , so it was suspected she had become dehydrated and had a kidney infection.
Later we received news that in fact a chest x ray had revealed she has pneumonia.
Yesterday she was  receiving oxygen via a mask and fluids and antibiotics and painkillers via a drip. She has within the last hour or so been released from hospital.We are all hoping she recovers very quickly.

Here she is playing in our garden on Tuesday afternoon, other than a runny nose, which we thought could even have been hay fever , she seemed her normal self.

Its a far cry from how she looks and feels now. Its so frightening how quickly things can change.


The children all made cards and we sent them off to her in the post yesterday along with some colouring books, pencils, a flower fairy and some sweeties for when shes up to eating again.That was all Summers idea.We hope it cheers her up a little!

We are all still coughing and bubba is teething too. I quite frankly feel worse today than in previous days.Headache, sore throat irritating cough......

We have not been up to a lot other than enjoying the sunshine.

Carrying out experiments with ice and various materials, to discover the best insulator.

Summer borrowing my phone to take shadow pictures!

A walk to the post office turned into a visit to the park.

Jas has made leek and potato soup , with no input from me at all. Even Eva attempted a small amount!
 She also bakes some Easter nest cupcakes.

Summer and Gypsie used the blender to mix strawberries with apple juice for some delicious Lolly's.

These two work so well together , helping each other out!

In the garden just like last year they decided  to decorate the incinerator bin.

And daddy found some paint as per charlies request to paint the table.

Barbie now has a tree house , with access via a trapdoor and rope.

Today the weather is not so nice.

Myself, Eva, Summer and Jasmine have all been out with Avon orders and visited the chemist and library.

We have also planted some tomato house is now resembling a small scale market garden.with the window sills full of peppers, flowers, tomatoes ....ah not to mention the tadpoles !

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