Saturday, 17 March 2012

St Patricks Day..............

Good morning........

Iv had one of those nights, you know what i mean if you have young kids.......the one where you actually wonder why you bothered getting in to bed in the first place.

I went to bed early with Eva, i lay on the bed nursing her and watching summer on the computer. Then got up to read and put charlie to bed at around 9pm. I dozed of with Charlie and woke to Eva crying just an hour later.I fed her again and she was happily sleeping peacefully next to daddy in bed.

Between 10.30 and 1 am i was helping out a little guy all dressed in green.............why do i leave these thing till the last possible moment!

Charlie woke at around 2am.........i got in to his bed with him, he felt like he was shivering so we hugged n he fell back asleep, later i was woken again by Eva.

I got back in my bed and fed bubba again..........her and daddy slept peacefully ...i was squashed between them ....

Charlie woke at ten past six, waking me to go and check the Leprechaun trap.

He was greeted by a not entirely awake not entirely asleep  mummy , telling him to just pop back to bed for just a few more minutes ............thankfully he did , but i remained squished and we got up to inspect the traps a little while later.

All in All a very rest less night!

I'm wondering just how OH slept through and managed a lay in till after nine ( not that I'm jealous or anything...)

 Leaving these two sleepy heads in bed.Gypsie , Charlie and i crept down to the kitchen , and what did we find...

let me show you.....

The cheeky lil man had some how managed to escape. He'd used the ladders Charlie provided to his advantage.

However he was kind enough to leave the little ones a note, in the form of a poem.

The best part......My name is paddy
                           I,m grumpier than your daddy!

They also found the first clue in a treasure hunt.

Gypsie and Charlie followed the trail of clues which lead them around the hall and kitchen, even the porch , they finally found their treasure in the washing machine!!!!

 Summer came down from bed an hour or so later , inspected her trap and set about finding her treasure.

The cheeky leprechaun recycled some baby food pots , he stuck on some green stickers to make them a little more festive, along with the treats he had left a little Irish blessing too.

Even my little disbeliever found some treats placed out for her before she went of to help my sister with her paper round.

We have noticed a few mischievous events have taken place overnight ....

Little green foot prints on the fridge!

A green notice written on the window reads better luck next year!

And a whole heap of green things from every room of the house have been placed on a cabinet in the lounge.

Oh, and to top the lot ...........the soya milks been turned green too..........

Charlie is feeling a little unwell today, so i think we will all curl up and watch The Last Leprechaun DVD this afternoon.

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