Thursday, 8 March 2012


I'm not too sure where this weeks going ...........

There has been many a coffee and chat with family, park outings, dance classes, beach outings, cinema trips, baking , reading, skating and more....................

Monday,was  a slow day , we blew bubbles in the bath , received the grocery order had mum round for a cuppa, and generally pottered about until it was time for  Summers Ballet, Tap And Disco lessons.

Usually her Daddy would run her and her friend up to the community centre in the car but he wasn't home from work as early as he has been in resent weeks so, with Summer turning down a lift from said friends mum (well actually going in to a full on melt down over me excepting the lift) I had to take all 5 children.
We didn't plan to but we ended up staying out in the park in the grounds of the community centre to pass the time while summer was in her lesson.

The topic of school came up in conversation with other parents at the park.I also over herd others discussing the local school. With lots of complaints  ( too much home work, a 13 yr old selling drugs!!!!) i felt very happy with our decision to home educate.

Charlie had great fun shooting the  bird with his plastic cap gun and playing with a bunch of other boys under the watchful eye of Gypsie.
Jasmine also enjoyed herself, allowing friends to use her scooter on the ramps.She was too shy to use the ramps herself, she was the only girl and was feeling a bit self conscious.

Eva also enjoyed the fresh air, although a chill started to fill the evening air towards the end of the hour and we were all happy to get home in the warm for a yummy roast dinner.( id popped some gammon in the oven before leaving and OH had pretty much sorted everything else before we got back....hes good!!!!...)

Tuesday Morning involved more pottering , the children choosing to do various activities.The sun was beautiful and Charlie took it upon himself to do some gardening while the girls used there skates and scooters out on the drive.

In the afternoon My Brother took Charlie, Jasmine and Summer to the cinema.They went to watch the Muppet's and enjoyed themselves tremendously.
While the others were out Gypsie decided she would like to visit Nannie and then take a walk to the beach.
Daddy returned home from work to join us for a while on the beach aswell.It was a pleasant afternoon although a tad cold.
Whilst on the beach Gypsie found a few hermit crabs and created a man made ( well, girl-made) rock pool!

On Wednesday Paul had the day off work and set to work installing an extractor hood above the cooker.There was much less swearing than i anticipated .

Thankfully he had the help and the equipment of a friend, who is a builder.It helps so much to have friends in the know!
Whilst the men were busy in the kitchen, (including Charlie , who i could here helping and asking many a question) we busied ourselves in the lounge.We made some kites.
These were meant to be Peace doves but we went for some colour...I'm thinking birds of paradise!

We are yet to see if they fly , because we had no string ...that has been remedied now!

In the afternoon we went to mums to see my Sister and niece and nephew.In fact EVERYONE was at mums .Except for one of my brothers. ( I HAVE THREE BROTHERS AND THREE SISTERS) It was a lovely afternoon.The children had fun with one of there uncles cameras, filming inside the fish tank!!!!

Today has also been a nice chilled out day.The children have engaged in various activities.
We have walked round the block to deliver Avon orders and distribute catalogues.
The children have made light work of our weekly Graze box. They love to discover whats inside each small plastic box!

Charlie and I have made a dinosaur shadow puppet theatre, whilst Eva sat up on the table in her bumbo having covered her face in purred chicken and vegetables......not a look everyone can get away with!

We have had another visit from mum and one of my brothers.

Life is good.......................

My only complaint is that my days seem to be whizzing by too fast.

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