Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tadpoles, St Patrick and blooming Barbie dolls!

Wow...another week has whizzed past at a ridicules speed!

And what have we been up i can remember.

I'll start from the weekend.

Saturday was a relaxed day, i took the 4 youngest to the library , where i scoured the children's department for anything that looked remotely spring or Easter or Ireland themed.

The kids all chose themselves some books too.

Among others we have, Rabbit pie by Penny Ives.

6 small rabbit 1 bath
6 pairs of pyjamas
6 cups of milk
1 story
A sprinkling of kisses
6 large carrots

These are the ingredients for rabbit pie.

 A mama rabbit’s recipe for tending to her six little ones.

 The story is all about a big rabbit family and their going-to-bed rituals.I Love this book reminds me of our house!

We also have Stick Man and Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book
Both books are by Julia Donaldson , the author of The Gruffalo.

Many , many others were chosen and thankfully i had the pram basket to carry them all home in.

Sunday was a beautiful day, And with Jasmines help and Eva's co-operation i set about digging over our small vegetable patch.

 ( The chickens were helping too, well actually more like just eating all the worms and getting in the way)

We managed a fairly long strip before Eva decided to fill her nappy, Jasmine took her inside and changed her before we headed off to the shops to buy lunch.
That afternoon i was over the moon when Paul discovered some frogspawn in our pond!!!!
Id only been text by a friend the day before offering me some.I think the frogs must have been listening in on our conversations, not that's it possible to listen to a know what i mean....

Iv decided to bring some inside so the kids and i can watch how they develop and also because I'm not too sure if they may get eaten by the goldfish.

Monday was yet another sunny day . i had errands to run, i needed to go to the post office and chemist but once i was done we went to the park.( i ll brush over the amount of shouting and arguing it took to get all 6 of us out the house that morning)

Eva had her first ever go on the swing....

And Summer got herself in to some quite odd positions on the basket swing.( surely that cant be comfortable)

Charlie found a ladybird, which he insisted was a lady man.

He named him Tom , counted his spots and made lots of observations before having lunch with him   and then releasing him.

Tuesday  we had a visit from my sister. My nephew Danny  had lots of kisses and cuddles for Eva...they are so sweet!!!
Wednesday The girls worked on a booklet about St Patricks day, they looked at  leprechauns,the Irish flag, a map of Ireland, The shamrock and its symbolism ( father, son and holy spirit) .Charlie made a leprechaun finger puppet. Jasmine even made a wall display.

All three girls copied out an Irish blessing too.

I love this, it does make me laugh!

 Yesterday Jasmine and my youngest sister Set about baking two cakes.

one for my mum and dads anniversary.

                                              And another for my sisters birthday.

Unfortunately the vegan birthday cake looked much nicer than it tasted!

Still they were both very pretty.

When at the shop looking for some icing the girls came across this new magazine.

They burst through the door excitedly telling me all about it and were delighted when i told them they could go back to the shop and get a copy.

Its very inspirational and now there are heaps of things they cant wait to try out.The only disappointing thing was the free glitter , we assumed it was edible but upon reading the teeny tiny writing we were informed otherwise.

Today we have spent the morning at mum and dads house . They are celebrating 32 years of marriage and my sister has left the teenage years behind her as she celebrates her 20th birthday.
We took with us the special cakes , gifts and some home made cards.

Here are a couple made by Jasmine.

I will admit this week looks pretty good in pictures .But iv struggled to get  Gypsie or Summer to do anything that is in my eyes productive.

They are just totally Barbie obsessed. Its driving me nuts!

Iv listened in to them playing and they write shopping lists for there dolls ( writing skills) and play shops ( maths)  and design and make clothes ( art, technology)  

But all the chopped up paper, cloths, baby wipes e.c.t just drives me insane, and after cleaning up after them all week iv banned scissors from their bedroom.

At one point iv even told them to grow up.............. stupid mummy...must remember they are only eight and ten years old!

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