Friday, 16 March 2012

Leprechaun traps

Today's been a good day , the children have been very creative.

As today is the day before St Patrick's day we set about building some traps.   

I mentioned creating a trap earlier in the week and Charlie was very excited. Summer and Gypsie have also been kept occupied for most of the day .

We have never had a visit from a leprechaun before , but we are hoping the lure of the gold will prove too tempting for the wee men , and they wont be able to resist popping by our home.

Jasmine is not at all interested , shes far too grown up, at the grand old age of eleven and six months!.She said she would help Charlie but then after a bit of a melt down decided otherwise. Shes since been telling the smaller three that its stupid, there is no such thing, if they were real they would all be in Ireland and not on the Isle Of get the idea.

She will be shocked if the little ones do get a visit from a leprechaun tonight!!!!

So after a lot of hard work , here are the traps.

Charlies  trap consists of a hat shape with gold coins under the rainbow. the gold will lure the unsuspecting Leprechaun on to the top of the hat (ladder provided to make getting up there a whole lot easier) where he will fall through a small trapdoor and find himself enclosed in the hat!

Charlie then decided he needed to leave the little guy a note.


Will you be my friend?
you can sleep under my bed and drive in my little cars.
Sorry about the trap, I just wanted to meet you.

(He dictated to me what he would like to say and then signed it)

So sweet...............

He posted the note through the trapdoor upon completion.

Summer and Gypsies house is made from a nappy box.
They hope to lure the leprechaun up the emerald studded path. Where he will read the sign pointing him to the pot of gold.( a yogurt pot is covered with gold coins all around the rim)

                            He will the crawl through the pot, and find himself trapped in the box.

There is no need to worry though , as you can see , once trapped he will be very cosy indeed. He has a lovely soft bed to sleep on. They have provided him with refreshments (yogurt coated fruit buttons) and chocolate chopped in to tiny , tiny pieces) he has a lamp, a snow globe (???) a pot of gold and a nice pair of gold shoes. The girls wrote notes too asking him to stay so they can meet him. Gypsie has asked that even if he cant stay , could he let her know his name and his favourite food.

I love to see how there imagination works.

These traps will be placed out in the kitchen tonight just before bed time..........i wounder if will manage to catch anyone ?

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