Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday and Lent

Shove Tuesdays was celebrated in our house with pancake eating (by Jasmine and I) and the making of a Maddi grass playbook.

 The children worked on this together ,looking at how kings cakes are made, what the 3 colours of Mardi Gras symbolise, Mardi Gras History and traditions.Even Charlie got involved making a mini book and copying out various Mardi gras related words.

 Today being the first day of lent The children have each coloured in an Lent calender , to help us count down the day s to Easter...the plan is they will be hung by their beds and each day another block will be coloured in.

They also decorated and painted a Greek Lenten calender. The idea here is that every week you chop of one of the ladies feet!!!

As well as the decorating of calenders they also hit the books.

these ones....

And Jasmine has reached unit 4 of her Energy Project.She also decorated the front cover of her folder.

                                  Jasmine also took time to make a little collage for Eva.

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