Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Salt and Pepper

I have decided to give up Facebook for Lent and its been no where near as tough as i thought it was going to be. Yes ...i miss my chats and finding out how every one is and  Yes.....I miss wishing every one a good day, but its freed up so much time. I was guilty of having a quick check that would easily turn in to an hour of chatting and browsing. Free time to spend doing other things........................

What THINGS have we been up to ?

I will show you.

Jasmine wanted to enter an online competition on a street dance forum along with my sister.I was happy to assist with my very bad filming (best i could do with my phone)

I love watching them dance.

I hope u enjoy this too.........................

They taught themselves useing a video tutorial .


On ash wednesday I made some pretzel shaped bread.Charlie was my little assistant.
As we ate we read some Lent related text about sacrifice and discussed how pretzels are a traditional Lent food as they symbolise arms crossed in prayer.

Chocolates have been made too....

 And glitter pictures....

 Charlie made funky cress heads.

The sofa cushions have been arranged across the lounge floor to practice rolls and tumbling which im informed are a vital part of street dance.
The kids are all amazed that mummy can do forward rolls at the ripe old age of thirty!!!!

Jasmine has baked Whoopie pies for the first time ever.....very yummy!

We have walked through the village , well I walked , Eva got carried in her sling and Summer and Jas practiced skate and scoooter tricks.

Charlie is still enjoying board games . He can recognise 1-6 on the dice without having to count the spots now too.

We decided to take a trip to Newport on Sunday.  Paul  Needed some bits and pieces so we tagged along as I wanted to look in the garden section. I got a window sill propergator ( i could have done with about 6 but there was only one left) to start of some veggi seeds.

Here is Gypsie planting Beetroot seeds. I ts a great proppergator with the magic compost  that grows when you add water thus minimising the mess factor.

BIG NEWS.....Gypsie asked if we could go in to Pets At Home after B&Q.
She has been Wanting a hamster for a very long time now. Paul has always told her that there was to be no more animals ( we already have 3 chicken, 2 guinnea pigs and what started off as 5 goldfish in our pond has now turned in to goodness knows how many)

Well as it turns out, im happy  to introduce you Salt and Pepper .

They are so very sweet. They are rather shy at the moment but the children and I are very much looking forward to handling them for the first time today.

There was no pleading involved at all .It was a spontanious decision.But a very good one. Gypsie and I spent a while yesterday reading up on our new pets.And Gypsie has been writing down snippits of information with out any prompting to do so at all.

I will be honest its not been a total bed of roses here. yesterday was a tough day  as Jasmine saw fit to wind up anyone who crossed her path.Resulting in a very stressed out mummy,a shouting match and an exchange of cross words which in turn upset Gypsie as shes a sensitive little soul....

Still todays a brand new day and we are off out to the post office and perhaps the windmill too.

I hope you all have a fantastic day whatever it may bring. xxx

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