Wednesday, 22 February 2012

just good creative fun

I'm happy to introduce you to Sunflower .....the latest addition to Summers fairy folk.
Hes cute...don't u think?

Charlie seems to be very busy of late he is doing his thing.

Colouring in a box, to make a home for action man.

 Baking stain glass biscuits with Gypsie (all the best chefs bake in their pyjamas)

And learning how to play junior scrabble...he beat me!!!!

Jasmine has been baking too.... she made a scrummy vanilla sponge and i showed her how to create a feathered pattern in the icing.

She also cooked a lovely pasta bake for our lunch without any assistance at all.

 Jasmines really enjoying cooking at the moment and has made or helped with dinner almost every evening this past week.

On Monday i helped Gypsie, Summer and Charlie to make play dough.

its proven more popular than i thought.

We have had a family of snails made by charlie.

A bear, made by Gypsie.

And some writing bu Summer (KBM Talent is the name of a dance school she is obsessing over )

There have been heaps more creations .

 In other creative news Gypsie has designed this rather glam t shirt.

And adorned the kitchen wall with a rather large mermaid collage!

At the moment we are working on a lent project .

Post to follow very shortly.


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