Monday, 13 February 2012

valentine fun stuff

Last week we started to craft some valentine items, I helped Charlie make some tissue paper heart suncatchers.

And Jasmine and i sat together one afternoon and made some jar tealight holders. Im a sucker for tissuepaper and glue

They look very pretty on our kitchen table.

Friday morning Paul felt too poorly to go to work,...hes body ached and his eyes were sore.
If Paul has a day off  then the girls seem to think they do too...which i think is pretty fine. They had lots of fun together creating a valentine lapbook. Nothing too taxing just good fun!
There was reading, comprehension, plotting co-ordinates, mazes, word searches,watercolour painting, foreign language, poem writing (some rude omitted them from the lapbook...ha ha ha) and lots more and before they knew it the lapbook was pretty much crammed full!

Here's a few pictures i thought id share.

That afternoon Charlie and i had as i helped him to make some red foot and hand prints.

ooops kitchen floor!

Charlie also played a valentine spelling game

Yesterday I helped Summer with some flower faries, she recieved this kit at christmas and has waited a long while for me to order more glue sticks for my glue gun.....i think shes very cute. I am sure she will soon have many friends.Summer has decided her name is Rosey because shes the colour of the roses in our garden.

Thankyou for reading our home ed diary... i will be back with another entry very soon!

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