Tuesday, 28 February 2012

FEB 28TH 2012

Today was a better day, but the children have still been doing a faIr amount of arguing and pushing and shoving ...even some pinching.
I wish i could just wave a magic wand and put everything perfectly in to place , but i fear with three girls so close in age there is going to be a fair few squabbles....I'm just praying they work it all out for themselves pretty soon!!!!

We did go on a mini trek up to the wind mill. It has recently undergone some restoration work.

The roof of the mill has  been replaced.I think it looks lovely although Jasmine tells me she prefers the way it used to look.

 Unfortunately ( well fortunately if your Gypsie , she had no intention of going inside) we were greeted with this sign on the gate.

It would appear we were a few days early to get a look around the newly renovated mill.

 Still it was a nice day for a walk, and we strolled through fields in the direction of Brading , then doubled back on ourselves and walked through the woods.

We saw lots of promising signs of spring .Summer commented on how pretty these crocuses were.

There was many a style to negotiate. And Eva remained happily snoozing in her sling the majority of the walk.
Spurred on by last nights Tap , Ballet and Disco lessons Summer decided that even whilst out on a walk there was time to practise some stretches!

We returned home for lunch with very soggy feet.

A friend kindly dropped in a DVD for Summer to watch of a show preformed by the children in the dance class she has recently joined.We watched the performance spotting Summers friend and enjoying the show.Summers very excited to be preforming a dance for the queens jubilee this June at the local community centre.

My mum popped in briefly to witness the kids all fighting over who should be the first to hold the hamsters......oh joy!

Jasmine went off out to see my sister and everything pretty much calmed down .We had a visit from my brother and then I spend a good hour or so pinned down on the sofa by a nursing baby .....not that I minded one little bit.

I made pizza for dinner and after a tidy up Summer and i played scrabble , she beat me!

The rest of the evening baths were had, the girls skyped a friend , charlie used the other PC for some games  before  some colouring  and a story.When i say story i actually mean a dinosaur information book.

Iv learnt a few things today , the two main points being that suitable footwear is a must and that
hamsters can run up a child's arm extremely fast.

With these thoughts buzzing round my brain i ll bid you all goodnight. xxx

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