Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Year

Today is February 29th , that extra day that appears on the calender every four years.

Our day started off the same way it ended yesterday with another game of scrabble for Summer and I  (she beat me yet again) and some more colouring foe charlie.

After the kids had eaten and the animals were all all cleaned out and also fed and watered we set about some leap year activities.

I wrote out 30 days hath September and illustrated it too in he hope that the kids might want to do the same....for some copy work...erm no such luck! (Id have written it on the chalk board but the chalk seems to be missing)

 I think ill stick it up on the wall so that they at least read it once in while.

We discussed tradition and folk lore related to today's date.

I decided id like to be born on the 29th of Feb as id never get old.
The kids told me i was crazy!

And then it all got a bit froggy.....well they do LEAP don't they!

Jasmine painted a picture id printed off.

 And once i had prised Charlie off the computer (my fault for turning it on..) he made a great froggy mask.

Gypsie cut out a book mark and gave it to Eva.

I had more planned for after lunch but the children were all off doing there own thing.

Summer has a friend round to play .
Jasmine is spending time with Courtney.
Right now there are 7 children here but its very quiet the majority of them are occupied in the garden, trampolining , playing fair rides and seeing to pets and plants.

Gypsie requested a visit to the skate park today but i had to wait in for a delivery...(.nothing more annoying!!!!) It just turned up . So that idea had to be put on hold for now.

Hope everyone has a fantastic evening, I'm off to make enchiladas for out

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