Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Saint Nicholas day

Yesterday we celebrated our first ever st Nicholas day.

Monday Night the children each placed one of the boots containing there Christmas letters, besides the front door .
Jasmine decided that she would right a letter from baby Eva.....very cute!

 The next morning they were very happy to find that not only had st Nicholas been in the night and collected their letters , but that he had also kindly left them some small treats and chocolates too.

 Jasmine received  a cats cradle game, chocolate coins and a necklace.

Gypsie received a chocolate Christmas tree, a bath bomb shaped like a snowflake, a tiny tin fairy pill box and a necklace.

Summer received chocolate tree, a bracelet a set of wooden kissing pigs and a tin pill box.

Charlie found a chocolate tree, a wooden puzzle , a wooden compass and a game of dinosaur snap.

Eva  recieved a wooden rattle.

After taking time to look at their gifts we all had breakfast while burning our advent candle.
While the girls went off to get ready i read  The Story of Saint Nikolaus to charlie.Thank you to My wonderful on line friend Miri at .

The girls returned from a very purple bath (thanks to Gypsies snowflake bath bomb) and They sat and coloured these St Nicholas paper models. They look gorgeous besides the twinkling lights on the mantelpiece.Whilst they coloured we shared another more traditional tale of St Nicholas.

In the afternoon we were visited by my Auntie, Mum, Sister, Niece and Nephew.We had decided before hand that we would smuggle a bag of gold coins in to my sisters changing bag .Giving an anonymous gift will be a great tradition for us to carry out each year.

I later received a phone call from my Sister who baffled by how the coins had got in to her

I ll leave you all with my little cutie pie , wishing you all some festive cheer!

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