Monday, 12 December 2011

Advent days 3-12

The children's Advent activities calender is continuing to keep us all busy.

Day 3 ~  make lots of snowflakes.

There are many snow flakes stuck to the kitchen window but to be honest I'm unsure that double sided sticky pads are a great idea.....may have a bit of trouble removing them!

Day 4~  Drink hot chocolate and read Christmas stories.

This actually didn't happen as Paul decided much to my annoyance to purchase an artificial tree.The kids then spent the afternoon decorating it.

Day 5~ Make boot tidy gnomes

These proved a bit tricky and it was only me that wanted to make one. (cute though...don't you think ?)

Day 6~ Enjoy your treats from St Nicolas.

(see previous post)

Day 7~ Make some Christmas gnomes, angels and maybe king winter with pegs.

Here they are sat amongst some twigs on our winter nature table.

Day 8~ Bake stain glass window biscuits

So yummy that none made it to decorate the tree.....

Day 9~ make some decorations for the tree.

This didn't happen because i had to take Summer to a nurses appointment, visit the library, bank, chemist, deliver some Avon orders and then we spent the afternoon at my mums celebrating my sisters birthday. We did however collect some fur cones!

Day 10~ Lets go get our tree

As i said Paul did this the previous weekend.

Day 11~ Lets put up the outside lights

Rain didn't allow for this to happen.Instead we cracked on with some card making.

Day 12~ Lets decorate a tree in the garden for the birds.

We have had a fantastic day today. The children started of by threading  cranberries and blueberries .

Gypsie and Summer melted some lard.
Gypsie added bird seed and then rolled pine cones in the mixture .I tied some gold ribbon on to each one to allow them to be hung from the branches.
Jasmine used a cookie cutter to cut shapes from bread , she dipped them in the melted lard and sprinkled on the bird seed.

We also cut some oranges in half, removed the fruit, threaded some ribbon to act as handles and filled
them with the remaining mixture.


our tree looked pretty fantastic by the end of the morning.

And our chickens enjoyed pecking at the leftovers.

This afternoon i helped Summer and Charlie bake a fruit cake.

As well as the given calender activities over the past few days, iv managed  to paint some watercolour cards.

And the kids have made these gorgeous snow globes.

Little Eva's been busy looking all cute and working out just how many fingers she can fit in her mouth!

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