Saturday, 3 December 2011

Advent days 1-2

Activity 1 -Make ornaments for the Jessie tree
                -Bake advent spiral bread
               - Enjoy writing in your new diaries.

Well the calender was met with great excitement .
Jasmine baked some delicious bread....All by herself.She used a recipe from the little acorn website.Its ingredients included warm milk and brown sugar ...yummy and smelt gorgeous too

 I intended to use birthday candles to light our bread , but it would seen we were all out!!!! (typical)

 Gypsie and summer cut out the tree ornaments and added the first to our tree.

Each ornament has a spacial biblical meaning, although iv not had time to go in to it yet with the children i will make time to do so soon!

I actually didnt quite finish binding the diaries, so pictures will folllow as soon as im done.

Activity 2-Make a nativity scene.

 The children decided to each work on there own, so now i need to find space to display them all.

Here is Summers.

She used this cute little book, the whole book is used in an easel kind of fashion to support the back page which is the background of the scene.The book also includes a lovely nativity story as well as all the cut out figures.

Here is Jasmines cute!

 The other two still need more work but im sure Gypsie and Charlie will get round to it very soon.

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