Friday, 2 December 2011

sage infused honey

Anyone who knows us will know that for the past 9 weeks or so i have had at least one child coughing.A couple of weeks ago we made some very simple sage infused homey.

its so easy.

Jasmine washed some sage.

The 4 elder children took turns to place leafs in a glass jar (straight from the dishwasher) until it was half full.

Then they took turns pouring in honey and mixing.

Jasmine made a label for the jar and hay presto our very own medicine.

 The label reads ,

Take one teaspoon as required to soothe a sore throat, tickle or cough.
Add a pinch of turmeric to dose of honey for extra sore throat fighting power.

we needed to leave the jar to work its magic for two weeks......i think we will be trying it this weekend!

In the days before making the medicine we discussed the power of sage and all its properties and uses.

After the jar was made we read a lovely Waldorf story about a sage was a very good activity and I'm hoping the power of sage can out do the power of our regular cough syrups that we seem to be getting through by the bottle!

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