Tuesday, 15 November 2011


On Friday we attempted to celebrate our first ever Martinmas.

We began with a puppet show, telling the story of how St Martin was a roman soldier who kindly gave half his cloak to a beggar before finding them both shelter for the night.
I also told the children a beautiful old story involving traditional celebrations of Martinmas in Germany.
Of how st Martin watches the children on their lantern parade and of how he delivers small gifts to the children.

Jasmine baked some horse shoe biscuits (s.t Martin is the patron saint of horse riders)

 I d have loved to have taken the children on a walk with their lanterns or even sat outside with them for hot chocolate and a bonfire ...unfortunately all except two children were poorly so that didn't happen......still...there's always next year...and who knows may be s.t martin will visit our home!

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