Saturday, 3 December 2011

Gratitude activities

As America celebrated Thanksgiving we set about counting our blessings.

After making individual lists if everything we were grateful for I had two activities planned for the children.

Firstly we walked to the beach and attempted to build gratitude towers from ricks and stones.This activity was a lot harder than i thought and to be honest the children (with the exception of Summer) didn't enjoy it.Instead they got quite frustrated that their stones wouldn't balance.
I used this as an opportunity to discuss how we are grateful for many, many things in our lives but sometimes it can be tricky to balance all the things that we do have.

I'm not sure how much they understood and they ended up drawing pictures in the sand, stroking horses and throwing pebbles in the sea.....i guess we r are all grateful to live in such a beautiful area.

(All the beach photos are on my phone so i will add them later)

The next day we went all out on a craft based activity.We set to work on a gratitude mobile.

firstly we flattened some paper cake cases .

next we used water colour paints to decorate them.

i folded each one and cut out leaf shapes.

The kids then told me all the things they were most grateful for, and i wrote one thing on each leaf.

the list included,

Being home educated
Arts and crafts

And many more.

 I threaded a needle and showed Jasmine how to sew a strand of leafs.

  We attached the strands to a cross id made from twigs.

Its now hung proudly in our lounge reminding us of all we have!

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