Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Remember, remember the 5th of November

We were all very excited for bonfire night this year because we were going to an organised fire works display.Our little village has never hosted a fireworks display in the community centre before that I'm aware of, and iv lived here all my life.

We were especially excited to be making a gye for the competition.

we started work on a paper-mache head on Wednesday but unfortunately it still wasn't dry on Saturday.Hence it was a bit soggy and ended up being covered in duct tape.Still that didn't matter .

We also put together a 3d paper mask earlier on in the week , leaving us just time to do the body, hat and some finishing touches on Saturday morning.

We set of to the display early , unfortunately Gypsies (who had put in the majority of  the work) felt unwell and i volunteered to bring her back home.We didn't get to see the judging of the guys but i got a text from Paul to say we had won.

As first prise winners the children had a choice of 3 activities to choose from and came home with a family pass to dinosaur isle museum. http://www.dinosaurisle.com/newhomepage.aspx  .  We have never been before and Charlie is dinosaur obsessed right now, so this is excellent and I'm proud of his sisters thinking of him when they made their choice. I just wish Gypsie and i had been there.

All was not lost Gypsie ,Eva and i watched the display from our door step and it was still beautiful, extremely loud and impressive!

Here are some photos of our Guy.We had studied the plot and decided to make a very traditional Guy!

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