Saturday, 5 November 2011

Halloween and turning five

Its been busy here this past week or so, we have had lots of fun.

His little hands have collected hail and his little feet have been puddle stomping!

he did at one point need a bit of reassurance when he asked mummy "is the whole world going to flood" during one extremely heavy downpour!

Hes also been making magic potions and learning all about colour blending in the process.

On to the girls, they have been baking , amongst other things there have been Eye ball cakes (jasmine made these to take to a Halloween  sleepover at Nanny's house)

 Gypsie and summer made these scary looking cupcakes,
 and mini muffins complete with black icing!

We also set to work on spookyfying the house.

Jasmine made a beautiful banner,
 there have been scary bat treat bags (minus the ears),
 and i helped charlie with a pumpkin garland.

 These jars wrapped in paper with a tea light have proven a hit but were so, so simple to make!
Obviously there has been plenty of pumpkin carving too.

Here is my gorgeous man with his friends! At this point i was interupted by a neighbour basically accusing me of devil worship...just what u need, but hey we were not going to let her spoil our fun!!!!

So off i trundled off to meet up with my younger brother and sisters and niece for some trick or treating, with a little devil, a pirate, a zombie, a corpse bride and a post immunisation grouchy baby in tow...thankfully the calpol kicked in and she was sound asleep the whole time!

The kids all had lots of fun as they went about frightening the neighbourhood.

November the first was charlies birthday (my little saint born on all saints day!!) we had a family tea party and he was spoilt rotten.

i was not at all impressed with the way his cake turned out be he assured me that he didn't want me to start again with the icing as he liked it the way it was.

 wishes were made...
 ghost cakes, (fruit cakes made by mummy upturned and helped to ice by summer)

 creepy critters (made by jasmine)
 and skeleton biscuits

were eaten.
most of the day was spent putting together lots of new Lego sets.
Friends were played with and the new  cosmic lights scooter was given its first outdoor test drive.

i think he enjoyed turning five.

The second of November is all souls day i baked some soul cakes ,and we talked about the significance of the cakes. unfortunately they contained egg so of the children only Jas could try them.( don't worry i baked the others a nice autumnal apple crumble)She enjoyed them and has asked to bake some herself soon.

on to yesterday.And the theme was of course Guy Fawkes.

The girls baked two versions of parkin,  a vegan version and one that contained egg Gypsie made some cinder toffee aswell.

 The gun powder plot was studied,
 acrostic poems were written,
 and we made fireworks in a glass .

Have i ever mentioned i LOVE home schooling my children!!!!!!!!!! Everyday is an opportunity to have fun and to learn so much in the process.

As well as all these things  there has been reading, worksheet filling, practice SATS papers (as requested by Jasmine) and lots more besides.

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