Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Monday mornings

Im not one of thes people with a hatred of Monday morning, I actually think they hold much promise.A new week to fill with fun and learn new things..........
erm...not this Monday.

Instead it was a very long tedious day full of minor problems.

I'd been up the majority of the night with Charlie who had a fever, sore throat, headache, ear ache....you get the jist!

When i went out to see to the animals i realised that the top flap of the chicken coop had been left open all night and they had all jumped out at first light.i wasnt particularly worried untill i realised one was missing.Iwas thinking of the best way to tell the kids that their beloved Bisto had possibly been taken by a fox when Paul found her.She had made a nest behind the wheel barrow.She was laying her eggs there.We have been an egg short each day but i put it down to the dark nights!

So after this wild chicken chase i thought my day would improve.


Gypsie proceeded to smash a plate over her foot.....she was ok just a little nic but still an inconveniance.
Charlie was not at all well the only time i could leave his side was if he was asleep.
Eva moaned all the time i was not feeling her, and when Paul took summer to the Drs for a persistant cough he didnt give her anything for it.....i was annoyed to say the least!

As far as Home ed is considered yesterday was a bit of  wipe out .All that was achieved was Gypsie making a card clock and spending time useing the Guy Fawkes game with Summer.

Hoping topday will be more productive but it seems Charlie may have other ideas!

Still hes removed himself from the sofa and is playing with his cars and mat......its looking hopeful!!!

i'll leave you with a lovely snuggly pic xxx

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