Wednesday, 9 November 2011

water colour paints tutorial

This week will be a slow one for us as now i have 2 poorly children......

Yesterday i suggested we all made some watercolour paints in an attempt to get something , ANYTHING, constructive done.

It was very simple and we will hopefully be using the children's art work to make some star lanterns, if i ever get the hang of folding them!

Here's how we did it......

You will need

 4 tbs baking powder
 2 tbs shite vinegar
 half tsp glycerin
 2 tbsp corn starch
 A variety of food colouring ( we used natural food colourings)

In a bowl ,mix together the baking powder and vinegar until they stop foaming.
Add the glycerin and corn starch to the mixture.( it will be very dry at this point)
Divide the mixture in to small pots. (due to a pot shortage ours ended up in cupcake cases)
Add the dye.

  I was surprised my the amount of paint we made!

Here are some of the children's creations.

Oh, and i had to have a go too, babe in arms at the time.....

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