Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Martimas Lanterns

To bring some light and warmth in to our life's , we made these very simple tissue paper lanterns.

all you need is

Tissue paper torn in to small strips (we stuck to autumnal fiery reds oranges and yellows)
PVA glue
A balloon
A cereal bowl

 Then u will need cover the top half of the balloon in PVA glue...things r easier and slightly less messy if you have a bowl to steady your balloon.
 After this, layer up the tissue paper until you can see no gaps!
 Our balloons took around 24 hours to dry out.
When fully dry pop your balloon.it makes a crackling sound as the tissue pulls away from the balloon.
Don't worry if your lantern caves in upon itself .You can pull out the sides once the balloons removed.

Wen darkness falls place a tea light inside......they looked beautiful.

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