Saturday, 24 September 2011

 These past couple of days have flown by , i cant believe its already the weekend.Eva has caught the cold the other children have and is a little snuffly and ultra snuggle.So I'm adapting to life as a one - handed mummy.Like all baby's she seems happy to be in my arms all day.Still i cant complain i enjoy all the hugs even if it does mean things are a little tricky at times.

Just a quick catch up of what we have been up to.....

Charlie chose some dinosaur books when we visited the library as well as his usual hoard of car books, this makes a nice change and hes enjoying learning all about different varieties of these lizardish beasts.
 I helped the girls make some giant tissue paper stars for the kitchen window.All was going well here when they got to work with the folding , it was the sticking that was difficult as the glue stick kept ripping the tissue paper....PVA next time i think!
 We learnt about fungi, lichens and algae for their botany project, and made these cute pop up mushrooms.
 Spurred on by a kids cookery book , again from the library, Summer set about making a treacle tart.we all discovered there is no treacle in treacle tart and had to borrow golden syrup from it was delicious......
Of course i cant let this post slip by without more photos of precious Eva.

 When we had finished cooing , we set to work on these leaf lanterns. i will take some pictures when they are alight tonight, I'm sure they will be more impressive then.
 The same goes for these floating candles, we made them using old tea lights and cookie cutters.......cant wait to see if they float!
Right I'm off to try and settle Eva n hopefully get out of my nightie.

Have a lovely weekend. XXX

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