Friday, 22 July 2011

Yesterday i fixed the kite for the kids, we decided we would bake bread in the morning, so we could eat it for lunch.

Summer decided she didn't want to bake with the other three, but fortunately they did share there bread with her and me too.

And it was Delicious................

we decided after lunch to head for the beach..but..

 Our kite flying had to be put off to another day , because the sky's turned grey and before we knew it it was once again pouring down.

So we had another game of monopoly instead.

Gypsie told me she was feeling a bit bored , so i thought it the ideal time to make some mini orange tea lights.
 These are so simple to make, but look very pretty and Gypsie was cured of her boredom!

she cut a satsuma, or Clementine (I'm not good at knowing the in half.
turned the skin inside out to remove the flesh being very carefully to keep the long pith that runs up the middle of the fruit.
she then filled each skin with some veg oil and carefully lit the pith wick.

Noth ing was waisted , as she then decided the guinea pigs would like the juicy orange bits she had removed.

 They made a beautiful centerpiece for our table.
As we were all relaxing in the lounge , watching t.v., copying from book and drawing pictures charlie took it upon himself to draw me some you do!

Summer took things a step further and decided bump should have a big smiley face!!!

Then Jasmine the words added Bump Watson-Lake .

soon after i headed for the bath!!!!!

but not before a quick photo. xxx

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