Wednesday, 20 July 2011

painting, baking, playing and operations!!!!!

Yesterday was an indoors one due to the miserable weather , still it was a good one : )

we ate gorgeous brownies, cooked by jasmine.
 summer baked lovely chocolate shortbread  biscuits,
Gypsie made some yummy flapjacks.

(perhaps its not just the pregnancy making me fat!!!!)

We had a game of Isle Of Wight Monopoly.

 Charlie wrote in his Chuggington annual.

mummy's painting

Gypsies painting

Jasmines painting

 Summer enjoyed some weaving.And after dinner her veterinary skills were put to the test as she and Daddy fixed biscuit the fur real dogs poorly leg! They apparently needed to put in a metal plate.

 Paul may also need surgery now, as charlie accidental trod on his foot! ouch.........
don't worry Biscuit is recovering well......grin....

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