Wednesday, 20 July 2011

where has summer gone?

where has summer gone, I'm sure i recall sitting on the beach watching my happy kids riding the waves and playing with other children....that all seems a distant memory now...this weather is seriously yucky!

Although it would seem as i look back through photos that Bastille day was a bright and sunny one.
I constructed a very simple Bastille from a couple of boxes and some file folders and charlie has spent many an hour painting and playing.

excuse the hair , he had been in the pool!
As well as talking about the importance of Bastille day , the girls and i looked at french land marks, geography, language, food and a lot more.

 what else have we been up to,

we have made snow, using a kid i got from here

The kids enjoyed this, i was a bit disappointed, i think we could of got the same result from putting a disposable nappy in the washing machine, and , yes, iv accidental done that a few times!!!

we also made a bouncy ball also from a kit from here's the link.

 and a kaleidoscope as well.

It was Jasmines idea to take some pictures of what we could see, i didn't think it would work but as you can see it did indeed!!!! Very pretty!

 Jasmine and i have picked our first bunch of home grown sweet peas from the garden.

i turned Charlie in to a cat, to which Summer decided he was better suited to a tiger......i don't think he looks all that impressed though.

Jasmine has baked queens cakes topped with chocolate and sprinkles.

And a trifle with hidden ingrediants (jelly worms!)

We tried out the turning milk in to plastic experiment,it was very stinky and some what reminded me of baby sick. here's the link if you fancy having a go. worked well and our heart shape is getting more and more solid as we leave it to set.

Charlie and Jasmine planted a Norwegian spruce seed or four.

And pressed some flowers too.

 Jasmine and i have given each other matching rainbow manicures.
 Charlie is continuing to live up to his self given title of Chicken Boy.
I drew inspiration from a blog of a lovely friend and we turned one of the kids bedroom windows in to a stuning stained glass window with tissue paper and washable glue.Think you will agree it looks lovely.It looks amazing from outside too.And it blocks out the horrid rain that seems to be insisting on falling!!!

And the last thing to report is that Paul has inspired a new found love of origami in Jasmine.
 After we came back from a walk on Sunday, and a good soaking i should add. he showed the girls how to make water bombs from a square of paper.

These have progressively grown bigger and bigger, and been thrown from doors and bedroom windows too.

These are just a few bits Jasmine has come up with over the last day or so, we have had pigs, hats, crowns, boxes, an ambulance, houses,cats and dogs to name a few!

I will leave you with this big smiley happy face , made by Jasmine...we did make it to the beach between showers yesterday!

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