Monday, 4 July 2011

Its been over a month since i last posted, id like to say iv been too busy but the fact is its more a case of iv been too lazy, iv only 9 weeks and 3 days (not that I'm counting) till baby number 5 should arrive and this time around iv felt more poorly, achier, breathless and generally exhausted than with previous pregnancies.Giving me a jolly good excuse to just be a lazy bones!

I have lots to tell you about, probably best if i stick to pictures rather than too much rambling....

We were so lucky to have been given a butterfly garden set by a lovely friend, Paul and i enjoyed watching each transformation as much as the kids did it was amazing to have this all going on on the kitchen worktop.

 from caterpillars, that grew so fast
 to cocoons
 in to beautiful painted lady butterflies. although we kept a close eye all five of them managed to seek out of their cocoons without us being able to watch! cheeky butterflies!!!!

 we found they were not in any rush to say goodbye.
The girls have all asked that we now try the same with another insect, i think perhaps lady birds next time around.

We have celebrated Summers 8th birthday, she enjoyed a family tea party with aunties and uncles and nanny and was thoroughly spoilt.The girls spent the majority of the day before baking goodies to enjoy for tea they even baked the birthday girls cake!

 They also made the sandwiches,
 and set the table......

we have celebrated midsummer's eve, we talked about the significance of the longest day of the year and that it was the day when you are most likely to spot a fairy....this then turned in to a complete fairy fest......

 Summer made a fairy in a jar,
 Gypsie designed a fairy plate.
 They all made cards.
 Pictures were coloured in.
 A fairy gazebo was made.
 Fairy tattoos were painted with a mehindi pen  (i think charlie actually ended up with a car)
 A tiny paper fairy was cut out and a box was made for her to live in

As you can see it was all very girly and fairyish. on midsummer's day in our house.

so in other news we have, made a dragon optical illusion.
 Jasmine has spent a lot of time in this pose.
 charlie is desperate to draw and learn, he keeps coming up to me with pieces of paper asking me to write certain words which he will then sit and copy.Hes also keen to complete his Thomas the tank engine Maths and English workbooks and also magazine type workbooks too.....this is without any pressure or us asking him to do it, I'm very excited and pleased with this.

 Jas has decided when you need to get out in the garden in a rush, who cares if your shoes don't match!
 Summer has mummified her brother.

We have made a solar system model.

 And some invisible ink.

Baked many goodies,
 and enjoyed eating them too..........

 And of course charlies been making sure he gets more than his fair share of snuggles even if it does mean squashing his sister.
 There has been beach, library and  shopping trips,park and boot sale visit, many books read , many worksheets completed and lots of fun in general.

i hope you have all enjoyed a little catch up, i will try not to leave it so long before the next post.

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  1. Lovely photos Gem! Looks like the kids have been having a brilliant time as always. Keep your feet up and keep working on getting your bump bigger. xx