Friday, 27 May 2011

Lava lamps and sugar cubes!

Just a quick post this morning.
Yesterday was lots of fun, the girls started off by giving their Egyptian sarcophagus's a lick of paint.
Then i helped them make a lava lamp, not quite as impressive as the brought variety but its amazing what you can do with, oil, water food dye and alka-saltsa.This isn't the best picture but u get the idea.

Jasmine built a pyramid.

Its amazing how a box of sugar cubes and some PVA glue and paint can keep a small child so quiet for so long.Charlie thoroughly enjoyed himself.

All to soon it was time for lunch, then before disappearing off out for a bike ride, with my sister, Jasmine made a chocolate fudge cake.unfortunately we didn't have enough cocoa for the fudge icing so she opted for pink butter icing instead.

Gypsie decided to bake some flapjacks for Summer , Charlie and herself to enjoy as they were unable to taste the cake.( egg allergy's!).

She also decided she wanted to go and clean out the guinea pigs less job for me so i didn't like to argue!!!!!

The girls then asked if i would give them a make over, and to curl their hair i was even treated to some gold nail varnish courtesy of Gypsie.

It was a very relaxed day indoors sheltering from the wind and showers, i even got time to play with my new toy, an Indian bead loom!

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