Wednesday, 25 May 2011

swings and things!

Its been around a week or so since i last blogged and we have been getting up to all sorts.

We had one day full of medical appointments, blood tests, hospital and doctors all in the same day , Paul and i both needed blood tests which involved us dropping the kids off at mums for 7.20am.Its a good job there pregnancy hormones have got me waking up at the crack of dawn just lately....virtually unheard of for all of the kids to be up and out the house at that time of the morning...........Lucky for me it was Paul that had the hospital appointment and he also took Gypsie to the Doctors too.I got to stay behind and take the kids to the beach and cook dinner.

The rest of the week has been lovely though,we have swung from tire swings an the beach.

 Enjoyed cuddles...
 Charlie made a pebble picture of a lifeboat with two crew members...........
 Iv relaxed and taken in the scenery...
 whilst the kids have happily played on the shore.
 Jasmine has made some delicious muffins....
 Summer and Gypsie have started work on some fathers day cards for daddy.....
 Charlie decided on one warm afternoon that it was about time someone painted the ceiling of the Wendy house...........
 He also decided that the incinerator needed livening up with some flowers,
 Even the apple tree suckers weren't safe from the blue paint!
 The girls have spent time relaxing in the pool.
  summer has been making some funny finger print faces.

 And an evening was spent playing Blind Mans Buff.

Now on a more studious note, we have began a project on Ancient Egypt. The girls spent time weaving paper, in the way the Egyptians would have weaved reeds.
 They even soaked them in water before bashing them with a rock.....Not everyone enjoyed this activity Jasmine got frustrated and threw hers away as it got too soggy and holey....

 They have also set up an experiment using different amounts of salt, bath salt and baking powder to see which is the best for mummifying a quarter of an apple.
 Jasmine has painted a beautiful picture of Tutankhamen's burial mask, and the girls spent yesterday morning on a variety of activities about Egyptian homes, clothing and Pharaohs.

And in other important news we have learnt that Guinea pigs enjoy an evening stroll around the garden in a dolls pram!

I hope iv not bored you all too much,more rambling will follow very shortly.


  1. Fabulous! That painting of King Tut's mask is amazing!

  2. Looks like lots of fun, the beach looks gorgeous!! I have to agree with smunkybee..that mask painting is amazing!!

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  4. I used to think less of those who home schooled their children. After 31 years in the classroom (I just retired) I no longer do. It certainly gives you a degree of autonomy and flexibility I never had. Your kids are adorable!