Tuesday, 17 May 2011

friends , family and plenty of cake!

I ll be honest,i had no idea what we were going to do today. i thought about doing some work with the kids on Buddhas birthday as it is indeed that very day, then i thought about us starting our Egyptian project i also thought about bringing out the maths and English worksheets.

In the end none of the above was done.We have had an extremely busy day.
The kids amused themselves for an hour or so ,with the computer and watching animal documentaries.I took consignment of a grocery delivery, which contained some sparkling barbie cake decorations, and whilst packing up the shopping, our first visitor arrived.

My lovely friend from high school days.She popped in n shared a cuppa and conversation with me n the kiddy's and Jasmine decided to bake us some yummy vanilla cupcakes.While i enjoyed my friends company she got to work on her cakes, she needs no help at all and as lunch time drew closer it was soon time to say goodbye and tuck in to her tasty treats.( as these contained egg, it was only me and Jasmine that could eat them)

After lunch Charlie decided he would also like to  bake some cakes, we tried a new recipe given to me by a friend.Sugar free and dairy free honey and raisin cup cakes.I have to say they were not a roaring success...charlies found out he doesn't like honey!

still he had fun making them..................

Next to follow suite was Gypsie and summer, they stuck to out faithful favourite vegan chocolate cake.Summer wanted to make cupcakes and Gypsie a large round cake....

All this baking spurred on by a jar of barbie sprinkles!

i was just finishing with cleaning up all the mess n chaos when my Mum,  3 Sisters and niece n nephew arrived, more chatting, baby cuddles and such like.......lucky us! cant beat family time can you?

soon another friend rolled up with her baby daughter and nephew, we had a very crowded kitchen full of cake and happy children!

All in all a day that could have been a complete wash out turned out to be a super full day.

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