Thursday, 26 May 2011

The curse of barbie

 I never thought i would have an issue with BARBIE , after all her and Sindy were  on my list favourites growing up...but.....i have in the past few months found myself thinking things along the line of ..."if only they put as much effort in to there maths, English...e.c.t., as they do in to constructing these make believe barbie situations!"It is rare i see Gypsie or Summer without a barbie doll in there hand or sat close by to what ever it is they are doing.If they are sat at the computer, barbies usually sat there too, if they are in the bath you can usually find a good few barbies in the tub or sat along the side of the bath...u get the idea...They are barbie mad!

I often get in a tizz, worry if they are learning enough to equip them in the big wide world.we didn't do much yesterday...or so i thought.'

 I sat down for 5 minutes sunning myself on the doorstep, sat making a grass headdress as you do, waiting for Paul to return from work.And the doubt started to rise inside me.......all the kids had done was watch t.v, play barbie , do some crafts and play with their cousin in the pool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well there is always the exception, and that was jasmine who had sat and worked on her astronomy project for an hour or so. But if she had been in school she would have sat at a desk for a whole lot more than a couple of hours....right?

I was up at the crack of dawn again this morning after very little sleep , after sorting out the chickens and Piggy's and loading the washing in to the machine, i made a cuppa and sat with the laptop on the sofa, what should i come across but this......

 It put everything in to perspective for me.Yes my kids sat in front of the telly, yes they played on the computers , yes they played in the pool and in between they did some other fab stuff, had fun and were learning all the time, even when they spent hours and hours and hours playing barbie!

They are making headway with the ancient Egypt project ,but guess what? Even  this involved barbie

 RIP barbie........using strips of cloth to wrap her up, of course we discussed all the gory removing of the insides bit whilst they were busy wrapping.
 She was even made a death mask........
 which was beautifully painted..........
 And now work is taking place on coffins..........maybe we will finish these today.

Jas is no longer in to barbies, she never really has been a huge fan like the other two girls, she decided to do a mummification reading comprehension while the girls got on with their crafts.

 oh, and excitement as the post arrived as the kids received their live caterpillars..

we soaked up the sun, with my mum, sisters , brother and niece and nephew yesterday afternoon, The kids enjoyed some time in the pool and on the swings, slide and trampoline.

And Jasmine made a fab model for my crown of weeds! Well she is my beautiful princess............

when i look at our day like this i think its safe to say we are heading along the right path, it may not be right for everyone but its right for us!

Even as im sat here now, i can here the 3 youngest out in the kitchen making clay cupcakes (im guessing these will be for barbie to eat) while jasmine is playing the input from me at all, and yet they are still learning.

Thanks for reading.

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