Saturday, 30 April 2011

Living History

Morning all, i hope you are all good!

Yesterday our day started of with lots of reading aloud, summer got in to bed with me and Charlie for a chapter of  'Phoebe the fashion fairy' by Daisy Meadows, then after they had eaten breakfast Charlie asked me to read a book from his ever growing collection!

After we were all up and dressed a There was time for a game of  Guess who before all the excitement!!!

So did u watch the wedding?

Yesterday, 29th  April 2011 at 11AM  was the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey, London.

To celebrate i had told the children we would watch the ceremony on the t.v and then enjoy a tea party type lunch. ( those of you who read the previous blog would have seen the tasty treats the children baked)

I have to be honest i was the one who enjoyed the ceremony the most, Summer spent most of the time at the computer playing interactive games,  Gypsies was watching but asking constantly when it was lunch time, Charlie came in for a cuddle while we watched them take their vowels. Jasmine had had a sleep over  at nannies with my youngest sister Courtney the night before ( they are joined at the hip) so stayed to watch most of it there.
And Paul being an anti- royalist atheist, watched some of it making remarks and being told of by me for interrupting my viewing......MEN! lol

Still, as i said i thoroughly enjoyed it, i think the children's favourite part was seeing royalty from other countries turning up to the Abby.

But by far the most important part of the morning in the children's eyes was the tea party!
As well as the scones and cakes the children had made there were cups , well mugs, of tea made by Gypsie, Sausage rolls prepared by charlie and of course cucumber sandwiches! I know these are a favourite with

after tea and a tidy up we left Paul scraping the paint off the hallway walls, (this long weekend hes undertaking a task we have put off for at least 8 years!!!!) while we went of down the road to visit mum, my sister was also there with her gorgeous babies.The children played happily with my brothers metal detector while us adults soaked up the sun.

Before long it was time to visit the shop and go back home. while i cooked dinner Gypsie and Summer decided to create some play food for Ken  and Barbie, whilst Jasmine and Courtney ( my baby sister) checked on the animals, by this point charlie still suffering from his cold was snuggling under a blanket watching Shriek!

All in all another busy day had flown by.