Thursday, 28 April 2011

pretty much perfect

I been naughty and a post is well overdue, we have so much to share with you!

for any one who doesn't know i am delighted to announce that we are expecting baby number 5.He or she is due at the beginning of September, we are all very excited and at almost 21 weeks now I'm beginning to look rather large, in fact i was asked last week by 3 people (all in the space of one day) if i was expecting twins.......the

in other news i am proud to say that after our visit from the LEA in Feb we received our  letter which states the children are receiving a satisfactory education.......well i kinda knew that already, but its good to know the LEA also are aware of that fact.The letter was full of praise for myself and my wonderful children and i am one happy mummy!

so i guess you may want to know what we have been up to recently ........... we have all been busy making Easter craft projects, eating chocolate hunting for eggs and generally enjoying the fine weather.

want a peek?

                                                              Easter Sunday cheers!
                                           Beautiful basket made by Jasmine for me and Paul
                              yet another beautiful weaved basket made by Jasmine for nanny and grandad

                                                   A pair of cheeky bunnies
                                                 lovely mobile made by summer
                                         Easter egg hunt kit, a gift from my lively auntie and uncle
                                              a very sequined chick basket made by Gypsie.

Charlie has been proving to be very intent on helping mummy out as usual  and wanting to be involved in anything and everything.

Here he is on a busy after noon,

                                          cutting out holes in the grow bags, and planting cucumbers and tomatoes
                                                 removing pumpkin seeds from the packaging
                                                and planting them...........
which made us very hungry so we headed in to make pizza for everyone!

he is one busy boy!

Today has been pretty much perfect ( dispute the children having the sniffles) We  visited the bank and post office then headed back home to make some goodies for our royal wedding tea party tomorrow.

 charlie was put in charge of chocolate cake making
 here he is enjoying the best bit of the cake making process........
 while the girls were on scone baking duty.

after lunch we headed off out again, this time to visit mum,
 Summer had decided to save her a couple of the chocolates she found on her Easter egg hunt ( very cute)

All in all we have had a very busy day, which has also involved some treasure map making
 and crown making .
 This evening i walked in to the children's room to discover that the girls had decided that the barbies should not be left out of tomorrows royal wedding celebrations!

I shall endeavour to blog again very shortly...perhaps even tomorrow!

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