Monday, 2 May 2011

Not quite as rosey!

I guess all posts cant be good, everyone has days that arn't too good. Although nothing dreadful has happend, just a few minor issues all building up.

Firstly the washing machine broke on wednesday, but fortunatly i have mum just a few doors up the road to help out.

Secomdly the kids have all had a cold, iv had someone sniffly in the house for a whole week now this built up to Gypsie being unable to sleep on saterday night and us waking up to the sound of vomiting yesterday morning! ( for anyone who doesnt know, i have vomit phobia)

Thirdly i have a rather grumpy man about the house, as he hates decorating and is making frustratingly slow progress with the  hallway!

However, we have had some lovely smiley moments too.
Summer and Gypsie are usually joined at the hip, but as Gypsies been feeling too poorly to play Summer has been playing with Charlie, which is very lovely to see.They played Barbies together all day yesterday!

This gave me more than enough time to do some lesson planing and prep for the week ahead, my printer was groaning and my fingers were tired after putting together 3 lapbooks!

I also ordered some crafty bits and bobs for the kids from The Early Learning Centre.They have a fabulous buy one get one free offer on selected creative items at the moment.

Jasmine has been at nannies most of the weekend, playing mith Courtney, They have been useing her sewing machine, making dolls clothes, going to the park, taking walks and bike rides and painting stones.

After returning home Jasmine decided to make her cousin a rubber bracelet with the ZUBBER kit she got for christmas.

 seems there rubber bracelets sre quite the rage at the moment......

 After leaving it overnight to dry this is the end result, we think Tegan will love it!


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