Thursday, 9 September 2010

Well yesterday was looking like one of those days where not much was going to get done.
However I'm pleased to say that in the end that wasn't the case at all.
despite jasmine not getting dressed until after lunch we did , looking back, achieve quite a lot.

As i said not a lot got done in the morning, we took consignment of the weekly grocery delivery from Sainsburys,and  now the cupboard's are chock-a- block with baking goodies which is all in preparation for jasmines 10 Th birthday on Saturday.she relay wants a proper decorated cake this iv told her we will bake two cakes, one vegan one so that her siblings can enjoy it and one normal, eggy, milky cake which i can decorate for her without having to worry about whats in the icing and such like.

after lunch jasmine decided to get dressed and that she was going to go and play with my sister....sounds strange but this is my baby sister her and Jasmine were born only 3 years apart, so not that strange!
By this point the weather had started to cheer up and i decided that some fresh air would be a good idea.
We visited the local library where the girls and Charlie chose various reading and information books to bring home.Charlies books , no surprise, were once again all about trucks and lifeboats and fire engines.Its actually rather nice now to have a little boy to read to makes a refreshing change from fairy princesses and horses.
I picked up a Leonardo da vinchi book for Jasmine to use for information for her lap book and also a very nice book on home ecology..........yes my bag was very heavy on the way home!!!

I had agreed with Gypsie that the next time we passed the local pet shop on our travels that we would go in and she could choose the Guinea pigs a treat. ( not that they need it , they are enormous enough already!)
So after a dash to the bank, and i mean a DASH,with moments to spare before they shut, we were soon heading home with lots of goodies for us to read and the Guinea pigs to nibble!

when we got home i finished the card id started making for jasmine, (wont say too much as she may well read this!!!!) and got on with making dinner while the children fed watered and gave treats to the Guinea pigs, they also made them a temporary run, laying newspaper in a crate , they all looked to be having fun, both the animals and humans! lol

All in all yesterday although bit of a rubbish start did get a lot better, there was lots of drawing and painting, animal care and lots of reading to be had by all.

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