Sunday, 19 September 2010

happy to be not back at school

At the moment i feel so happy, happy that i have the freedom to educate my children at home, happy that i have been blessed with four healthy amazing children, happy to have a good man, I'm happy to be part of an amazing family, happy to have met some fabulous like minded people ( i say met as a loose term, i mean met in a cyber face book, however they are very supportive friends) all in all i have much to be happy about.

the last week has just whizzed by but i shall endeavour to remember the best parts for you.
last Saturday was our eldest daughters birthday, she spent all of Friday baking with me.Without much assistance she made two beautifully cakes( one vegan and nut free, and one not), vegan biscuits, jam tarts.I was basically there to oversee and to put trays in to the oven.She did an amazing job and worked very hard.

Excuse charlies half nakedness, i was informed he wanted to be a naked chef
So as i said Saturday was her birthday, i still cant quite believe that my baby is 10 years old, time flies by so  fast i wish i could find a magic wand and slow it down just a tad.
She had a lovely day, spoilt rotten by family and friends, a family tea party and spent the majority of the day skating up and down the road on her new Rollerblades, she got the hang of them very quickly!

We spent last Sunday morning meeting up with new friends in the park and Sunday afternoon out shopping as the birthday money was burning a hole in jasmines pocket.she chose some beautiful clothes, shes always been very mature when  was ten I'm sure i would have opted for toys!

Monday was a very exciting day so much so that i was up at the crack of dawn, unable to sleep!
Firstly it was our first day back homeschooling, secondly my sister was having her twenty week scan and thirdly i was starting a new Zumba class.

The kids were eager to start back and iv been happy with the effort they have put into there first week back.
this week we have started a world war two project, started two lap books, completed workbook pages, painted many pictures,made and iced vegan cupcakes, started to make a model Victorian village, made vast amounts of salt dough,made model Victorian living rooms and much more.
some of the finished salt dough creations
Sadly Gypsie is not as enthusiastic about 'school' as her siblings but that's the norm for us.I'm still working on new and interesting ways to engage her and hold her attention.

I was at home eagerly awaiting news from my sister when she phoned to tell me she is having a boy!!!!I'm extremely happy for her and her partner, they already have a beautiful girl.And she proved me right as id told Paul i had a feeling that it was a boy.The scan showed that baby is exactly the right weight and everything is looking fine.come  the end of January i should have a cute new nephew to brood over.

Oh  i mentioned zumba , i recently started going  with one of my sisters on a Friday morning to a local class in the village.its good fun.Mum has the children for me and i get some time to myself for an hour or so, not something iv ever really had before, but i quite enjoy it.
A new class has started on a Monday evening and Paul had said he would be fine with me going while he stayed in with the children.At first i felt a bit guilty, i only ever leave the kids in an emergency but now iv realised that even home schooling mums deserve some time out.( actually we probably deserve it more!)And hopefully i will tone up a bit lol.

Yesterday was a good day for us, whilst Jasmine played out on her skates and Paul put a new fan in the computer i decided to cycle through the lanes to the library to pick up some World war two books for the kids project, of course we came home with half the library as always! books on trucks for charlie, some easy reading books for Gypsie and summer chose her various books and then had time to draw a picture of horrid Henry for a character wall in the library.
Gypsie charlie and i looked at a display and spoke to a local artist about her work, she was very impressed by charlies questions, i think he may well have a career as an art critic ahead of him!

charlie and Paul

summer practicing her hand stands.

Gypsie cartwheeling along the beach.
 In the afternoon we all cycled down to the beach id like to say the kids explored the rock pools but Gypsie and summer took there Barbies for a paddle and Charlie took his plastic life boat for a spin, however they all had good fun which is what is important. They did some cart wheels and hand stands and we played long jump in the sand, before heading home. jasmine decided not to come with us, she stayed at my mums bet you cant guess what she spent the afternoon doing?............yep that's it...skating up n down the road!!!!!

All in all we have had a fabulous week, i hope this week will be the same!

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