Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Another year older, another year wiser...or

So yesterday was my birthday, to be more specific it was indeed my 29th birthday *blush*.As it is my last year of being 20 something i thoroughly intend to make the most of my usually childish ways. I have no idea why I'm already dreading becoming 30 after all its just an age, just a number...isn't it? I think it could possibly be because i feel it might affect my sense of style ( if you can call it that) after all the lashings of eyeliner, mini skirts, cheeky shorts,funky footwear& cant go on forever, can it? Oh i don't want to grow up!!!!!!!!

I had a wonderful family day at home (unless you count popping to the post office as a birthday outing)which was in every way perfect.The kids had radded my jewellery making supplies and i was given bracelets, anklets and earrings all of which are stunning.They had also radded mine and mums card making supplies and i have on display some very beautifully hand made cards.( the hand made cards from my mum and from my sisters are beautiful too!, as are all the others)I feel very lucky to have such creative and crafty children and now know why i was banned from the bedrooms the days before.

I was surprised by my youngest brother who knocked at the door with a beautiful bunch of flowers, they meant so much more because he he'd been ribbed by co workers about who the lucky lady was! My brother suffers with autism, and had remained adamant that i was too old for birthday present.They were the biggest surprise of the day!
Also we had a visit from a friend, who lucky for me was happy to look through lap boos, and to help with filling them in( despite the fact we didn't intend to start back at the whole homeschooling thing until Monday) and to play police cars with Charlie and to teach him an American cop accent! lol...if only you could hear him!
The afternoon was totally fab with a visit from my mum and dad, my 3 sisters, my brother and my gorgeous niece.we shared a very tasty chocolate cake complete with candle and a birthday wish, and cups of tea and conversation......i love being part of a large family! For me this was the best part of the day ,being surrounded by the people i love most in the world. Unfortunately due to work commitments  my partner Paul and 2 of my brothers were missing but that's life, and sometimes life does get in the way of fun.

The kids helped me with household chores throughout the day and Gypsie even helped me too make dinner, which, after a visit from my favorite auntie, we all sat down to eat.
I had a fabulous birthday and am very grateful to be part of such a  big loving family!

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