Monday, 6 September 2010

Horsing Around!

Of late it would be fair to say that my blog has been pretty unloved n forgotten about, but i have promised myself that i will do better.
I shall try to update you on the past month or so.
My proudest moment without a doubt has to have been the horse show that Jasmine took part in.It was her first ever show and dispite a rough start to the day and some threatening looking clouds looming, it turned out to b a rather fabulouse day.
As i said the day started of badly, myself,Gypsie,Charlie and Jasmine all woke up feeling poorly wih a nasty horrid cold.(although of course Jasmine wouldnt admit to feeling unwell)Jasmine had already planed to get a lift to the farm with with my mum n dad as my sisters were also competing, so it was decided that i would stay at home with Gypsie, as she felt awful, and Paul would head out to meet my mum n dad with Summer and Charlie.
However a phone call from my mum soon changed our mindes so after administering calpol *grin* and making up a pic-nic  we coaxed Gypsie into the car.It turns out that allthough Jasmine acts so very indipendent and grown up she had got very upset at the thought of competing without me there for support.( and of course i was very happy to have it confirmed that although she acts like she doesnt care she does still need her mummy very much!)
we dragged our weary bodies to the venue and was so very glad we did, it was a lovely and very memorable day for all of us, Jasmine came home with 1st in Family Pony,1st in Fancy Dress, 2nd in Child Handler and 1st and 3rd in games.The horse that Jasmine and my sisters rode "Copper" was also awarded a trophey for best all round horse.
I felt like such a proud mum, but at the same time a bit of a horrid mum for dragging Gypsie out when she just needed to stay in and rest up and snuggle!

So, we have enjoyed a couple of family days out,this saturday we ended up visiting 4 different parks we had lunch out and ended up accidently meeting up with a friend of mine, who we were planning on meeting up with soon( if u get what i mean).The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselfs on swings climbing frames and zip wires, and you know what some  socialising even went on, shock horror. *grin*
Last weeekends Park visit wasnt so good, it was one of those unplanned things, we had gone out to buy me some boots.But didnt find any, so instead of a wasted trip to Sandown the kids asked if we could visit the new outside gym.
The gym was indeed very good fun, as was the rainbow park and the other park next door, but then we decided to enter the sandham race way amusement park, this was not such a good idea.Dare devil stunt man Charlie decided he was big enough to go down the enormous slide by himself.I had sent Paul up to the top with him thinking they would come down together but i was wrong! All i can say is my face must have been a picture as i looked on in horror as my baby came flying down the slide.Anyway he bounced spun and anded up wrapped in the mat they give you to sit on!!!!!
He managed to cut his eye and it immediately swelled to the size of a golf ball.I was very conserned but more conserned that not one single member of staff asked if he was ok or did a thing to help.I will definitely not be heading back ther in a hurry.
A week on and the bruse has almost gone we do seem to have a few less eye lashes than before but hes still gorgeous.
Last  monday was of course bank holiday monday and we had a jam packed busy day.I made some yummy seedy bread and then helped Paul tidy up the garden and pack away the pool (hence the lovely weather we had last week). Then i cut the grass and got the kids ready and a bag packed for our treck with my mum and brother and sisters from Bembridge to St Helens for the carnival and the fair.It was indeed a long walk but a very beautifull one past the harbor and all the house boats we also saw lots of swans.
They enjoyed the carnival Charlie told me he thought the carnival queens were very beautiful and that they were all waveing to him.I of course told him thats because hes so handsome!
We went on to the fair and on returning home my purse was a whole lot lighter! All worth it though as we had a lovely evening, made all the better for coming home to the bread i had made earlier for our tea with lovely hot soup.
As well as our usuall bike rides , walkes, park trips,beach trips and general pottering about, the kids have read many books, drawn and painted many pictures, been learning the recorder, made jewellery, created items useing old boxes and coloured paper and baked a variety of goodies, including banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, vegan cup cakes and a yummy rich chocolate cake .

Over the past few weeks iv been trying to get togethrer ideas and plans for the next homeschool term. we arnt actually starting back to 'homeshooling' untill next monday but im trying hard to be more organised.
Iv spent this morning cuting and sticking some lapbooks together with help from Gypsie and Summer.
Iv sorted a Dragonflies one for Gypsie.I need to choose carefully when it comes to 'work' for Gypsie as she can have a short attention span and struggles with a lot of things.she has taken a look at this and cant wait to get started.So i think im on to a winner.
Summer is going to working on a lapbook about animal clasification and jasmine has a choise of Leonardo da vinci or Energy. i personally would prefer to do leonardo but i think she will opt for the science rather than the arts.
At the begining of the holiday i scored an ebay bargain, scooping 30 letts workbooks for around £18, Jasmine and Summer both enjoy doing work from workbooks so i think these should keep them occupied for a while when they are having a workbook kind of day.
Besides this iv got a new measuring length and distance set for the kids to have a play with and an environmental box kit about investigating global warming...i just know Jasmine will love this.
I have many ideas in the pipeline so to speak,its just a matter of getting it all sorted.I think my main priority is to try and spend some time alone with Gypsie every day readig, me reading to her or her reading to me, i want her to start to enjoy reading and not see it as a chore.

Anyway i hope my thoughts and everything are not to mixed up  and that u have enjoyed reading this blog i shall endevour to blog again very shortly!

P.s i expect  you can tell my spell check isnt


  1. Hi Gemma

    Hope you keep blogging, enjoyed reading this post.x

    Good luck with your new term x
    Lou x

  2. Thanx so much Lou, i intend to .Thanx for reading it, makes it worth writing!