Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Happy days

Like 'normal' school children my 'un-normal'( depending of your frame of mind) children also enjoy a "holiday" at this time.Or so they think *grin*.
I however know that they are continuing to learn everyday.Just because the workbooks and the worksheets have been put away by no means does the learning stop!
This week has passed by miraculously fast.( come to think of it i don't know where this last year has gone, before i know it it will be Halloween, Charlies fourth birthday birthday and then Christmas)
We have had visits from friends and family, one of which brought round their gorgeous five week old baby girl, we cooed over her tiny n perfectly formed fingers and toes and generally played pass the parcel with her.Not that her or her mum minded thank goodness.

we have enjoyed patting horses and a walk along the beach, bike rides along the village lanes,trips to the local park and shopping for new clothes ( thanks to my tesco club card points).

One of our rides lead us to the library, the children are taking part in the 'space hop' a scheme run by library's to encourage children to keep reading throughout the summer brake.the 'mission' should they choose to except it, is to read six books, collecting stickers along the way and eventually a certificate of completion.
Jasmine completed her mission within nine days because shes a little bookworm. Charlies just about done and Gypsie and Summer should be finished within the next few days!

Our evening bike rides have usually ended up at the beach, where Paul eagerly snaps photos of the new lifeboat house and pier under construction.Charlie is sharing in the enthusiasm, not so much concerning the pier but regarding the construction  vehicles and he delights in talking to the  workmen.conversations draw usually on the subject of him driving the huge Caterpillar wheeled diggers when he is a 'big man'.
personally, my proudest moment was catching a large velvet crab when we were rock pooling the other evening, unfortunately Paul didn't have his camera handy *frown*

We have enjoyed this last weekend, as the weather has been better than of late.
Saturday after noon was spent at the local park which hosts a car boot sale every two weeks.We found a little wooden house perfect for the fairy garden the kids have been working on.And at only a pound was a bargain.(pics to follow shortly)
The lovely bracelet and key ring charm summer made me
Summer spent her money on a friendship bracelet and jewellery making set, shes spent a few happy hours creating beautifully things.

Sunday was spent mostly lazing in the garden as i watched the kids in the pool.Charlie has mastered the art of swimming with the rubber ring, and due to the purchase of 'olympic standard' goggles jasmine has been floating about till her hearts content and shes as wrinkle as a prune.

Gypsie has tried her hand at face painting and did an extremely good job of of transforming her brother in to a blue butterfly.Not bad for a first attempt.I think you will agree.
Gypsies interest in butterflies is still growing, so i brought her the 'usborne butterfly spotters guide' so that she can identify them as she gently catches and releases them.Now this really was a bargain i brought it for just 1p from a seller on amazon.
Gypsie also caught a dragonfly,with a twig caught in its wing, we managed to carefully remove the twig before it flew away.( not before a quick photo opportunity!)

Due to the local shop stock clearing i came home the other afternoon with a large number of colour and stick and colour and trace books, thinking i would hide them away until autumn when the weather began to draw in on us.But as my kids like to prove me wrong they spent time colouring at nannies while i was at my zumba class and again in the evenings while relaxing in front of the t.v and to my surprise i was asked to set u the play tent so that charlie and summer could spend some time in the shade scribbling away.And very lovely pictures they are too.

yesterday was spent mostly at the park.Due to the fact that i had forgotten to take the bread out of the freezer we decided to collect the picnic on the way.It was made up of lots of not so good for you goodies- good job my kids don't react badly to sugar is all i will say!
After burning of energy  on the bike ramps, slide,swings, climbing frame, sea-sawing, running, jumping and socially interacting with other children ( oh my ....yes, HE kids can interact with other children *grin*) we set of for my mum and dads house.we had a drink and a cool down with the added bonus of my sister and my beautiful niece having stopped by at mums too.

we are thoroughly enjoying our simple life at the moment.our days are not usually planned but some how are still very full.iv encountered  a few hick ups this week,but nothing that has hindered the amount of fun and laughs and learning that are to be had.
These truly are happy days!

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