Monday, 2 August 2010

A quick intro to the family

I thought it best to introduce you to my beautiful family before i begin to blog about my home school days.
I met my fiancee Paul in 1999 and we have since been blessed with four rather gorgeous babies.Jasmine,Gypsie,Summer and charlie.
I come from a large family, I'm the eldest of seven children and my dad has thirteen siblings so, i guess u could say it was inevitable i would also have a big family.I make no secret of the fact that i would love to have at least six happy, healthy, children mind you a lotto win n an extremely large extension and loft conversion my well come in handy should my wish come true!

Jasmine is our princess, she is nine going on nineteen, shes very independent and spends most of her free time with my twelve year old sister.they are very close, the age difference is hardly noticeable when they are together as jasmine is very mature for her age.
Jasmine befriending a horse at our local farm.
She loves nothing better than to spend her days outside horse riding, trampolining, cycling and walking through lanes and across beaches.

Gypsie is our little angel, not only because she looks like one but more often then not she acts like one too.out of all of our children she is the most caring and considerate and will always put others needs before her own.
she loves to engage in all varieties of arts and crafts and has a love of wildlife.

Summer is our baby girl she can be very strong willed and determined, but i see this not as a problem but as a trait that will help her go far in following her dreams an ambitions in later life.
She likes to read, draw, write and use the computer.
Summer and Gypsie being beautiful flower fairies.
Summer was born just sixteen months after Gypsie and they have always been very close.They spend hours and hours playing barbie dolls and other make believe games.They love each others company.

Charlie is our baby boy,hes a typical little boy in that he likes nothing better than getting his hands covered in oil and his fingernails caked in mud!
In my opinion he could get away with murder as his smile melts my heart.He is outgoing, inquisitive and comical and a mummy's boy.
my little tiger!
None of my children have ever been to school..My decision to home ed came about after my mum began home educating three of my younger siblings( my mum had no idea home ed was possible when i was of school age :( ...)
When jasmine got to school age i had no intention of sending her away from 9-3 every weekday to, in my opinion, have her act like a little tin soldier marching in and out of assemblies, being told what to do and what to think!
Five years later i have never regretted my decision to home educate.It has become a way of life for us.I understand that this way of life mat not be sited to all family's, but I'm happy  and more importantly my children are happy, and that to me is the most important thing.