Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Treasure hunt and theatre play

Today has been a lot of fun. Eva was outside early this morning with the treasure map she made from her toucan box. (you can get one free here http://www.toucanbox.com/friends/gemma-c8x6
She really wanted to find some treasure. Robbie asked me if I would make them a treasure hunt.
I drew a simple map of our garden and hid the treasure in the duck enclosure.
They had a wonderful time following the map and were extremely happy with there treasure which was a magnetic theater that cost me all of £2.50 in a charity shop a couple of days ago.
They played out the story's of Cinderella,sleeping beauty ,The three little pigs and little red riding hood and then they set up a talent show and a judging panel .
Robbie favourite little wooden character peg doll is Pinocchio.He tells me it's because he has a long nose and he's good at dancing .Robbie and Eva are not familiar with the story of Pinocchio so tonight I will rectify that .

The theatre garden picnic and the pool have kept them entertained pretty much all day long. We have had a beautiful day !

Love and light ,
Gem x

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