Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Our first Toucan box

Last weekend Eva received her first Toucan box in the post. I'd signed up just a couple of days before and hadn't expected it to arrive as quickly as it did.
She's a lover of art and crafts just like her mum so I knew she would be happy with her very own package of goodies.
According to the website www.toucanbox.com Toucan box is a flexible subscription encouraging crafting, creativity and learning in children aged 3-8.
Inspired by montessori learning and championing STEM each toucanbox is build by educational experts to help deliver key skills.
I was very impressed, mainly because you got everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you needed for the craft projects in the box. I can't count the number of times we have brought art or science kits and the children have excitedly opened them up to find out that we needs bits and pieces that weren't included like glue, paint, chemicals for an experiment and so on thus resulting in a shopping trip before they can crack on with the activity.
(So as I said everything was included, even the tea bag for staining the watercolour paper for making a map!!! )
As well as the high quality non toxic craft materials for your projects and instructions  you also receive a little magazine with suggestions for experiments, games, puzzles and recepies. Oh, and there's stickers, because who doesn't like stickers!?!
The fist box is free and because Eva enjoyed it so much iv chosen to subscribe to a monthly box (there's also an option for fortnightly). This box has a regular price of £5.95 which includes the postage cost.
Her kit was a pirate team and she made a beautiful bright feathered parrot and an aged treasure map. She was happy and engaged for a long while and enjoyed reading the little magazine aloud.
You can cancel or pause your subscription any time and manage your account online which Is very handy because Robbie has requested a box of his own next time too.
Eva was very kind and let him use her left over feathers to create his own parrot from which I'd cut from a cereal box. He was happy but he will be even happier when they both received their own boxes in a months time.
If you would like to try a toucan box for free then just use this link, https://www.toucanbox.com/friends/gemma-c8x6

Love and light 
Gem x

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