Monday, 12 October 2015

Spooktacular fun

Our kitchen has been a busy ; bustling one today.

There has been constant activity today. And as I type there is a second batch of toffee apples being made.

We have been inspired by the Autumn Tesco magazine to make many spooky / bonfire night goodies.

So; toffee apples; severed fingers; and Frankinsteins punch have all been conjured up!
(Some of these things have been filmed by Jasmine and edited by summer for her YouTube channel)

There's been crafting too; using a beautiful candy skull window transparency kit.

As well as this I read charlie the next story for his social studies lessons which was Elissa: princess and founder of Carthage .

Jasmine has worked on her OU maths and English course and summer has read through a chapter of "muscles and Bones"about how our bodies regulate there temperature;  for her science block.(Jasmine used the skills she learnt on her English course last week to help summer note down important parts of the text...its lovely when they pass skills on like that with no input from me.)

I also got a make over from Eva .First I was transformed into a princess and then a tiger with a multicolored eye shadow striped face .I also got a manicure an I gave her one in return.

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