Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A Wonderful Wednesday

Today Charlie wrote a short story titled "The day with no gravity" in his science main lesson book .As a prelude to this we had a conversation about why when we jump we always land back on the ground; how when we lift our limbs we are working against gravity and about the fact that you can jump about six times higher on the moon than you are able to on earth. we also talked about how swimming makes you feel somewhat weightless and how difficult our lives would be without gravity.

(All this talk of jumping made charlie want to go outside for a bounce on the trampoline and whilst out there he had a conversation with a neighbour about all he was learning about this morning )

Jasmine worked on her English course today . Using synonyms; paraphrasing; summarising and quoting were all looked at today. She has some really interesting texts to read on this course so its fabulous all round .she's read about so many different subjects already such as improving health and well being;nutrition ;eating disorders ;comparisons of happiness between rich and poor and much more.

Summer has been reading from "muscles and bones" again and writing notes in her main lesson book.

Eva has been writing a pretend shopping list (wanting to know how to spell many words ).choosing books to have read to her ("Hanukkah" and "Bella and Gurtie") playing Lego;dancing;sewing and drawing beautiful pictures with a silver pen of snowy days complete with cut out snow flakes.

Whilst walking home from the shop this morning charlie was looking for acorns and found a birds egg. We were unsure of what to do and couldn't see a nest that it could of toppled from.
Jasmine came to the rescue with her phone and good old Google.
With the information we now had we decided that much as we wanted to bring it home it was in fact best to leave the egg where it was found.

Still it was a good impromptu science lesson for us all.

We picked up a couple of things in the local charity shop. Gypsie and I are both reading new books and charlie and Eva chose "night in the museum" on DVD which they enjoyed whilst eating lunch and ice lollys.

Paul Dad dropped by to give us an old fold up bike he no longer wants ;its just the right size for Charlie and he took it upon himself to spray it up with some oil and see the bell was in top condition !

Charlie and Eva have taken a liking to my incense sticks and cones and as well as burning them we have watched a video about how they are made.

Summer went off up into the village with a friend this afternoon and came back with a magazine not just for herself but one for Eva too and a world map for charlie (he's got a bit of a thing for maps) there's been lots of locating of countries /cities/seas . He always has to find the isle of wight first !

So another pretty full on day ...a good one !

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