Monday, 6 July 2015

Digging for treasure

Today has been a nice relaxed one.

We subscribed to Netflix last night as Charlie really wanted to watch the new series of "How to train your dragon".

So there's been a lot of program watching.

Jasmine has been watching "Pretty Little liers"(I think thats what it's called)
Summer has been watching "Orange is the new black" and Charlie did a mammoth watch of the whole series of "How to train your Dragon"

Besides all the program watching Summers also made some home made lemonade.she was inspired to do so after reading the ingredients on the side of a can the other day.
It was delicious.

Gypsie has been busy creating rainbow loom things and baking biscuits.

Eva and Robbie have been enjoying the garden (keeping me on my toes) helping me dig up our potatoes (whilst saying arrrrr in our best pirate voice as we picked up our treasure), playing on the swings,throwing balls for the neighbors dog and bouncing on the trampoline.

They did have a little rest when mum popped in for coffee and a chat.And we all had a good giggle at a pooping doll review Eva was watching on YouTube.

This afternoon and this evening Summer ,Charlie and Eva have been splashing in the pool.

Eva's been dancing and is now fast asleep in her leotard.

Iv recently started on the raw till four diet.Basically a high carb raw vegan lifestyle where by you eat fruit up untill four and a low sodium high carb meal at dinner.... any how Summer felt like trying  veganism  out for herself today.She did great and lasted all day untill the smell of biscuits wafted through the air...

I think thats about it for today ....

I will try to be a better blogger and not leave it so long next time. Iv been busy starting own business (thats a whole other blog post ..) and life just seems to fly by without me finding time to write about it.

Love and light ,


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