Sunday, 6 April 2014

March (and April ) madness!

As usuall the days and the weeks are passing by at an astounding rate and I'm sat here trying to remember what has been happening .

Spring flowers adorn our nature shelf along with cress growing inside egg shells, our Easter tree has pride of place upon the mantle piece. And the children continue to help me in the garden .All our potatoes are planted now and the green house is full of seedlings , even the peas are beginning to grow up through the soil. I am so excited by this!


Gypsie has celebrated her twelfth birthday . Can it really be possible that in just less than a years time I will be the mother of two gorgeous teenage daughters?
Gypsie requested a posh ladys tea party with cucumber sandwiches and scones filled with strawberries and cream.she wanted to do all the baking except her birthday cake which was to be my responsibility . She did a fabulous job of the eggless cupcakes .They looked almost to pretty to eat!

Last weekend Gypsie and Jasmine took part in " The Great Bembridge Bake Off". Jasmine entered the show stoppers catagory with her Easter nest cake and Gypsie entered coffee and walnut cupcakes in to the small cakes catagory .I was proud of them both for there efforts .Everything was there own work right down to getting their entries to the venue on time. Gypsie won her catagory and has a lovely certificate to show for it. She's really grown in confidence lately and its so beautiful to watch her blossom.

Charlie continues to be obsessed with war and weapons and lego and the titanic.So his days have been mainly taken up with watching programs, videos and D.V.D s on these subjects and creating lego models and designing weapons. He's also been listening in on the girls medieval history lessons and drawing castles and cannons .He's been spending a lot of time making up cartoon pictures with speech bubbles too. I noticed the other day when we were doing his main lesson that he is really beginning to get a grasp of spelling now.


Summer has been spending most of her time customising her own clothes and clothes for reborn dolls. she has taken several orders from friends wanting customised babygrows and vests over the past week.
And all the busyness is accompanied by the sound of Peppa Pig as it rings out of the phones, tablets and dvd player thanks to Evie !  

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