Thursday, 9 January 2014

Registration and sleepless nights.

we took Robbie out on his first car journey today .

we had an appointment at the registary office at eleven and i fortunately have a fantastic mum who offered to come and sit with the other children.
we decided to take Eva with us as she was being a bit of a grouch.

we arrived home an hour and a half later with our son having official been named and to a house that showed many signs that Nanny had been kept extremely busy!

project work was found upon the workshop, floating candles were setting in cookie cutter molds , sewing machine on the table, floors hovered , dishwasher loaded, mum was outside hanging out the washing....bless her!

This afternoon we had a walk to the shops and  i also spent time tidying the kids room , hovering under the beds and their chests of  draws . Paul and Summer set up an inflatable bed for Evie . The idea being that if we put some space between myself and her there May be a small chance she might nurse less at night. However Shes poorly tonight and so Shes in bed with me as norm thrashing about all over the place. perhaps we'll try again in a few days time.At present 14 day old Robbie sleeps better than Evie does at 28 months of age!

still its not forever ....i shall keep that in mind as i embark upon another sleepless night .


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