Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Back to our rhythm

Yesterday i attempted to get the children back in to our normal routine. ( actually  i attempted it Monday but they were having none of it and i was too tired to argue)

According to the waldorf curricular that we follow January is maths month for the younger three and Jasmine should be writing a paper about her wishes, hopes and dreams.

Well scrap that.... My children ( apart from Charlie , who is happy to begin a maths block on time) are writing there own curriculum this month. And no its not the normal stuff they would be doing at school. But as summer sat writing page after page about reborn dolls and Jasmine got stuck in to a project about one direction they were both totally engrossed in what they were doing. Spelling, hand writing, research skills and artistic talents were all put to good use.

Gypsie has been dipping in and out of a few work books of the maths and English variety and has been sewing , knitting and drawing a lot too .

I have been spending most of my time sat feeding my littlest ones. Which makes for lovely snuggled up afternoons on the sofa.

Bliss xxx

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