Wednesday, 18 September 2013

where we are now

The past few weeks , since the new home schooling year began , seem to have gone by rather fast.

Some days I feel frustrated at my self for still not quite being on track with our rhythm. We have rhythm but in my opinion there is far to much nothingness going on too. The kids are happy and that s my primary concern really but the amount of screen time is getting to me big time
. I am not about to ban screen time. I myself am sat at the computer right this moment typing away , I can see that the screen is a useful tool, there are heaps of educational material to be found on line and documentary's shown, and I for one enjoy snuggling up to watch a few favourite shows...BUT..i am about to implement the old rule that there is no t.v. to be watched before our main lessons are completed. The same will go for surfing the net. I will also be limiting my own time online. I'm not one for sitting at the computer in the mornings but I usually like to update my Facebook status at breakfast time. So its only fair that that will need to stop too. I intend to only turn on the computer if the girls need it for research purposes for there main lessons.

Circle time is supposed to happen after breakfast and just before our main lessons and I found myself today ranting that it was almost ten and they were all sat there glued to the screens.
Its not at all their fault , yeah a bit of enthusiasm wouldn't go a miss on their part but I need to work harder at implementing the rhythm that used to exist before the long break throughout the sunny months.

Things have been a bit hard going the past few days as we have all come down with a nasty cold.

I sit here typing and ranting away but we are right on schedule with our main lessons, I feel as though a bit more maths could be going on but flicking through the kids lesson books I'm quite pleased with what we have achieved so far.

I intend to blog a bit about each block as and when the children complete them.

For now I shall leave you with this scary dragon that Charlie drew this morning,  after listening to the story of George and the dragon.

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