Saturday, 10 November 2012

 This week has been great , i actually feel AWAKE and have so much more energy . Thank goodness for iron tablets , orange juice and my body craving crunchy salads.
Despite Eva's best efforts with her wiggly feedy wakeful nights I'm feeling great!

We have enjoyed a couple of trips to the park , a back garden bonfire and yummy  home baked autumn foods. Yesterday we even tidied the garden and mowed the lawns.Eva loves the freedom or the garden and attempting to eat sticks , stones and mud...yuck!

For Gypsie this week has focused upon ancient Persia, the alphabet and the balance of good and evil.

hura Ahura Mazda


For Jasmine the focus has been upon the first Christians , the canonisation of the bible and the branching out of different christian sects.

illuminated bible page

Summer continues to work on Norse myths. re telling and illustrating the stories .

And charlie , well since turning six , he wants to write , he keeps asking ..mummy how do i spell , this and that . Its great to see. without the use of work sheets or any drilling or such like . He likes to write our names over and over because he can do that all by himself.

We have also started to prepare for Martinmas.

Gypsies lantern walk painting

My lantern walk painting

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